Take Your VIP Package at House of Jack Casino

Take Your VIP Package at House of Jack Casino

Online gambling is not only about money & fun. Some gamers strive to get something as valuable as currency is – the VIP status. In this instance, House of Jack is a perfect place to start with. The operator calls it the “big leagues”, where you’ll meet only special few players.

The benefits of being a member of House of Jack Casino bonus program are endless. However, it takes a lot to get to the club. Getting a bit confused? Don’t worry, we’re here to help you make it as soon as possible.

Being VIP Holder, What Do I Get?

VIP Program at House of Jack Casino
“The coolest cats” have a sweet life being exclusively treated. Interested in what you’ll get if you’re one of them? Well, the list of perks is extensive. Firstly, you receive superfine extras and promos that are available only for VIPs.

In addition, consider faster and larger cashouts with no limits. Thematic gifts and occasional freebies are also parts of the program. Be sure that the support consists of professional consultants that are able to solve any trouble. And, we couldn’t miss that the welcome bonus awaits you just in the beginning of your participation in the club.

4 Steps to Pass

Well, we’re confident that you can be the next VIP member. To make the action happen quicker, we’ve prepared the info on what the casino wants from you. There are 4 crucial aspects you should remember of. The first one is that House of Jack values loyal players a lot.

Besides, your constant visits along with frequent replenishment and withdrawals are important too. Take note that the more often you will gamble the bigger your chances will be. Moreover, try to play different games – their amount will stand out you from the others.

Crucial Questions of Loyalty Program

Of course, you still have questions about the Pack. Apart from the actions as gaming every evening, for instance, there are not so evident movements you have to perform. That’s why we’ve devoted the next few paragraphs to all other crucial points of the VIP membership.

How Do I Join the Pack at House of Jack Casino?

If you actually intend to get to Jack’s Pack, get ready to comply with all terms & conditions set by the house. When you read them, there’s a chapter concerning the bonus abuse situations. Thus, the playhouse has the right to revoke and refuse your membership if you want only to withdraw add-ons.

Then, you should complete and maintain usage requirements. They include the total number of bets, deposits, activity frequency, the monthly amount of days when you gambled. Only real money stakes made on cash games count towards the operator’s requests. Also, make sure that you provide your phone number and the currently used email. There’s a record of every action for some period that will be considered too.

Can I Lose My Membership?

Undoubtedly, there are conditions you should meet in order to maintain your status as well. You’re obliged to carry out all the requirements of the previous paragraph. Sorry to say, but if you fail to do this, the membership will be revoked. If you don’t wager any money in three months or don’t answer the communications, you’ll also get out.

And How to Get Back?

Well, if the above situation ever happens to you, don’t dare to panic! You can always return back to the ranks of VIPs by fulfilling the already described demands. You just have to make House of Jack notice that.

What Restrictions Can I Meet?

There are a few restrictions for the casino’s prizes:

  • you can’t transfer any promotion or other benefits to other players;
  • all VIP propositions are limited to one per member;
  • all gifts are given only at the house discretion;
  • you can withdraw any bonus only after completing the standard terms.

Sweet Candy from Club

Did you know that all this fuss with the Pack is a way to get famous to some extent? If you care about this aspect much, then you’ll be glad to know this: the playhouse can utilize your nickname, alias and first name.

It reserves the right to use it for the recipients of promotional gifts, jackpot winners and in the announcements about competition’s results. Additionally, it may employ your image if got one when you took part in events.